The ART of Driving Pledge

A pledge, as you know, is a promise.  When you pledge or promise to do something, you have given your word. So, what is your word worth?  When you make a promise do you keep it? Do you say what you mean or just what sounds good at the time?

The ART of Driving hopes that you take this pledge…but, we want you to be sincere about it and committed to it. Say what you mean and mean what you say! One thing that was always said about Ashley was that she was true to her word…she would want you to be true to this pledge.

If this is a promise you are sincere about keeping, sign it, keep it with you in your wallet or punch a hole in it and keep it on your key chain.  Please don’t take it lightly; just having it with you doesn’t count. You have to believe in it and live up to its ideals.

The ART of Driving also would like you to wear the ART wrist band as a constant reminder of that promise. When your hands are on the steering wheel you will see the white band and remember that there are many people who care about you and want you to arrive home safe. Contact us about receiving our bands.


Wrist band ART



The ART of Driving pledge card.

Click to download the printable virsion.


The ART of Driving Pledge:

  • I will give my full attention to the safe operation of my vehicle.

  • I will take my responsibility as a driver and/or passenger seriously.

  • I understand that the choices I make not only affect me but others. I will do everything in my power to protect myself, my friends and those who share life’s precious journey.